Top 5 ideas to enhance more creativity in your classrooms.

Vishal Bhojane
Jun 27, 2019

Between the burden of keeping up with the school schedule, educational program, syllabus & meeting with parents and running daily classes, it can be hard for teachers to make time for creativity in the classroom. But with such little time to spare, it can be easy to think - Does it make a difference? Think...

The short answer is: Absolutely Yes. Creative classrooms don't look different, they just feel different. They provide an environment where students are more likely to express their ideas, think out of the box, challenge problems with innovative solutions and most importantly, learn faster and more effectively.

Here at MySchoolr, we speak to bunches of schools every day and we are very amazed by the ways they incorporate creative thinking and learning into their classrooms. To help to share some of the best ways to enhance creativity. So, we brought the top 5 unique ways to add more color, creativity, and passion to your classroom. Hope you will enjoy reading

1. Make room for optical reflection

optical reflection

Optical and Visual reflection activities provide students an opportunity to absorb information more deeply & feelingly- Strengthen their creative and contextual understanding of the sharing content. When reflective information exercises are displayed visually in the classrooms, they become of benefit not only to those who share them generally but to each & every student in your classroom.

2. Encourage more color

Color in the classrooms doesn't only require to be for early primary schools & Classes. Challenging yourself to use colors in a creative manner and unique ways, such as displaying inspiration posters or creating themed "mood" corners.

Color can also be an astonishingly powerful tool to benefit students with gripping information and learning new content. Boost your students to use more color as a staple when taking notes. I am sure, You'll be surprised at how quickly they start consuming new information.

3. Encourage discussion


Avoiding chitchat and senseless conversation can be a challenging task as a teacher. But on the other hand, Conveying meaningful discussions can provide your students with an arena to express & deliver new ideas and give voice their opinions.

Some other reasons why discussion can be effective & beneficial:
  • Discussion gets students thinking more seriously about the material.
  • It challenges other students to listen to them, Opinions and think deeply about their knowledge and ideas.
  • It gives them the hope to challenge each other logically, intelligently and build off of each other's ideas & beliefs.

4. Team building exercises

building exercises

The most meaningful thing about team building exercises is that there aren't right or wrong answers - just strategies & planning. Cordinating games allow students to work together to make self decisions based on creative thinking, conveying their ideas, and collaboration.

From start to end process, students build better relationships with other team members as they struggle & conflict, dealing with failure, and ultimately work to master the problem presented. Check out this list of top 10 team building games that can be used for students of all the ages.

5. Use design thinking


The Design Thinking process & action is a structure for creativity and innovation taught in schools & universities all around the world. It allows students to shape up complex & complicated problems based on different stages.

Try absorbing design thinking into any project or exercise. Some useful points of reflecting visuals after the exercise might be to ask your students where the massive challenges or difficulties were and at what point they achieved the most success.

Boosting students to think critically & logically about their work enhances their creative & analytical thinking abilities, making them ready to understand and solve complex problems in their future.