Why School Buses Are Yellow In Color?

Vishal Bhojane
September 13, 2019

We see every school bus is yellow in color. This specific color took time to devise- in fact, it was the topic of a conference organized by educator Dr. Frank W. Cyr back in 1939.

Those who attended the conference - including motor industry moguls like Dodge, Ford, and Chevrolet as well as paint specialists and others - discussed what the standard school bus color for the United States, and the reasoning why this particular color was chosen as well as other standards regarding school bus construction and manufacturing.

The main reason? Safety, of course!

Why Yellow?

Yellow is the easiest color to see out of our peripheral vision, and is recognized even in noticeably dark environments.

The shade of yellow decided upon is easy to see in the early morning when students are being picked up for school, as well as late at night.

Actually a combination of both orange and yellow, School Bus Yellow also makes black lettering pop ? an important factor, as it is required for all school buses to be labeled.

Yellow vehicles are also easiest to pick up visually in dense fog or storms

This is due to the rods in our eyes: yellow pops in our periphery when we focus on something right in front of us, making it an attention-grabbing color for drivers.

It's funny how something as simple as color can be so thorough and complex!

We are thankful for the effort that went into adapting the specific shade of yellow we see so often today, and for the safety it provides children on their commutes to and from school.

Guidelines for School Bus -

1. "School Bus" should be written on the back and front of the Bus.

2. Buses should have a First-Aid-Box

3. The windows of Bus should be fitted with horizontal grills.

4. There should be a hearth fire extinguisher within the Bus.

5. School Name and phone No. should be written on the Bus.

6. The doors of the Bus must be fitted with reliable locks.