Negative Effects Of Social Media On Youth | MySchoolr

Vishal Bhojane
December 20, 2019

Social media has transformed our lives in negative and positive ways. If we will mention the negative effects, youth are the foremost affected ones. There are several reasons behind this undeniable fact that social media has caused many negative effects on our youth. Here, we are getting to discuss the negative effects of social media on youth intimately below.

Superiority and Inferiority Complex

Children catch in superiority and occasionally inferiority complex by the everyday use of social devices. Sometimes kids think that they have more information and understanding than anyone else. They do not consider anyone more bright and capable than themselves. So, they develop a sense of superiority.

On the other hand, few kids think they can't get what the others have and they are less than others as they are not enjoying the freedom and facilities as the others do on social media. They get embarrassed by seeing their friends spending extra money on parties and purchasing new multiple featured expensive mobile phones and showing them on Instagram or Facebook. The children compare their lifestyle to their friends. As a result, they might suffer from an inferiority complex and are demoralized too.

Lack of Interest in Family Meeting

The trend of welcoming guests has become disappeared almost everywhere. It has often seen that parents call their kids to come out of their room to greet a guest or to sit with him. They refuse to come out and make excuses in order to avoid meeting. This happens where kids find it a waste of time to join family gatherings.

Increase in Need of amenities

When teenagers see different people having amenities and lavatories, they want to get them too. They try their finest to adapt and copy what they see in cinemas and dramas. So, they demand luxurious things from their parents and make them uneasy and out of the budget.

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Bad-mannered attitude with parents

Kids who use social media are becoming affronted towards their parents and elders as they do not consider them to be appreciated. They see different characters in movies, disrespecting and disobeying elders. So, the impact generates in their mind that disobeying and disrespecting someone is not an issue and is in trend. It has now become a manner to be rude to others and very particular with the guardians.

Following of Unfamiliar Friendship

The youth who see different sorts of plays, movies, and dramas, are now more involved in new friendships. The youth has no clue on what dimension they're floating. They are just beading themselves into miscarriage. These friendships can be attractive at some point but are dangerous as the time passes and you understand them.

Copying Super Heroes in Real Life

This is psychologically tested that youths get more impact of their surroundings. They copy and imitate others. They easily get attracted to the heroes presented in movies and then try to copy them as much as possible. It changes their physical presence and way of living or speaking. They never try to think that those heroes have different supports and surroundings. The only thing they want is to copy different famous actors. The same is the case with the girls. They try to copy the get up of the film actresses. Teenagers start living in the world of imaginary considering their own selves the famous celebrities.

Lack of Interest in Studies

As we see students are very fond of using different social gadgets, they think these are the true source of happiness and satisfaction. They always keep an eye on what in the market is new. The question is, how will the country grow whose youth is not interested in studies. So, we can say that these gadgets are spoiling the soul of our youth.

Increased Demand for Money

As students see their friends having a luxurious life, they try to have the same in their life. They ask for money from their parents and make them uneasy. They force their parents to arrange money. Sometimes, they steal in their home items, if their demand for money is not fulfilled. They forget the difference between right and wrong and prefer to satisfy their needs.

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