11 Self Study Tips For Students During Lockdown

Vishal Bhojane
September 23, 2020

We are going through an unprecedented global pandemic that brings uncertainty, despair and doubt in our lives. Each of us, our families, our community, our country, and the world around, struggles to get used to this 'new normal.' Various of you must be seeming stressed out, considering how it might influence your academics and eventuality.

At school, we need to express our solidarity with each of you and wish to ensure you, to dear students, that we are in this journey together. Without losing any precious time, as a school, we have grown to the occasion and brought up this challenge by taking our teaching and your knowledge to the virtual platform ultimately. This is a new stage for each one of us with its set of challenges and restrictions. But I wish to compliment each one of you for changing to this change so fine.

The Virtual Platform has, in a significant way, passed on the bonus of getting to you. Every teacher of yours is investigating his/her level best to accommodate you with the best learning resources and aids. Still, you have to adapt to them and use them effectively for your personal growth and interest.

1. Start your day fresh

One of the best practices successful people have is beginning their day first. Please make your bed all single day as you wake up. Do some mild workouts, freshen up, and get set ready for having a fulfilling day.

2. Goal Setting

Before leaving on any journey, know what you want to accomplish. Make short, realistic goals, and do not be too hard on yourself when you disappoint. Do not drive success to your head and failure to your soul.

3. Create a happy, lively, and personalized work/study place

Take a day to renovate it, have your schedule, timetable, some motivational thoughts, and anything that keeps you in high lives around you. Have enough lighting so that you do not stretch your eyes. Have a good study table or chair. Nevermore sit/lie on the bed and learn.

4. Make a practical timetable covering all your subjects

Try and study at least three topics every day. Fix the schedule right in front of you to understand whether you are on route or not. Exercise writing more and more.

5. Take and Make Notes

Note-taking is an art and an absolute must for learners who want to stay concentrated on their learning journey. Take the notes when the session is going on, and when you are preparing self-study. Always ask students to read out loudly and study, as if you were reading something to yourself. You must be capable of hearing yourself while learning. Use highlighters and marker pens and read your textbooks thoroughly.

6. Take small breaks between your study time

Do not study at a stretch and get up every 35 to 45 minutes. Take a step, go out and do deep breathing, water the plants, eat fresh and nutritious food in the breaks. Do not eat fatty food before and during the reading as that will make you feel sleepy. Don't watch TV or play games in certain short breaks. That will tire your brain.

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7. Monitor your growth and self-evaluate weekly

If you are happy with your improvement, everything will fall in place ultimately. And identify, Do not let what you can't do or understand, or conflict with what you can. Accelerate your limits and keep showing yourself that "You can do this!"

8. Identify your strengths and weaknesses and note down

Take help if you cannot do that independently from your teachers and parents. Work on your weaknesses throughout the year and work on your health during exams. Reach out to your companions and tutors for extra help and support in topics you are coping with.

9. Do not cheat yourself

These are online sessions so that no one can keep a constant check on you, except you. You will eventually only cheat on your future progress and satisfaction! Self-Evaluate critically, reduce your resistance to feedback, comprise your weaknesses, manage your strengths, and give your studies all you possess, your 100%.

10. Use your time wisely

Do not run by the Clock; go by the amount you have to cover up. Either the Clock hits you, or you beat the Clock. Determine the amount you wish to cover in a day, and stick to it, no concern what. Do not hesitate!

11. Identify your time wasters

It can be an addiction to TV, social media, video games, or just typical laziness. Stay away from Social factors while studying; switch off your cell phone significantly. Please pick it up only through your break time.

Encircle yourself with motivational thoughts, read inspirational novels and biographies, stay focussed and inspired!

And dear children, Send a prayer of gratitude to the Universe every night before sleeping, thank your parents and teachers often, stay kind to yourself, and remain committed to your future.

Invest in yourself today by teaching good study habits; they will hold you in good stead in the future. Do spare some time learning a new skill, helping in the household chores, and sitting with your family.

You have been outstanding in these uncertain times, Proud of each one of you! Stay focussed and vibrant!

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