8 Tips Strengthen Parents Involvement in Student's success with Digital Technologies .


Niraj Patil
July 11, 2019

Parents are more on-the-go today, and technology made them easy to keep in touch with their children.

Teachers and MySchoolr team recognize the positive impact of parent engagement on student achievement, so many schools, districts & States now leverage technology to power better and more meaningful relationships with parents and families.

Educational ERP Solution Software MySchoolr team research that there's increasing awareness and recognition among teachers and administrators that traditional parent-teacher conferences yield limit results, particularly for traditionally marginalized student populations.

1. Develop Your Classroom Communications Toolbox

Websites, emails, e-newsletters, specialized apps and other digital media let parents see the work their students do in class like with MySchoolr app for parents helps you to keep updated with every information of your child anytime. These tools and apps help parents extend learning beyond the classroom and give enrichment tips and ideas for learning activities they can do at school and home as well.


2. Take Care of the Routine Matters a lot

Technology lets schools and teachers more easily communicate about day-to-day school activities and events, such as back-to-school nights, Fees submission & Timetable. Apps such as reminder are great for this and parents will appreciate being more connected.

3. Take Parents in through Video Conferencing

Google Hangout, FaceTime and Skype let parents actively participate in class activities while being in a remote location. With many parents working, on travel away from the office or with other children at home it's generally hard to come to the school, so videoconferences tools become boon for parents.

4. Advantages of Social Media

Working parents sometimes feel left out if they're not able to watch and volunteer regularly. With Facebook groups, email chains, and digital newsletters, they can stay more informed and offer more help and expertise during a time that's more convenient for them.

social media

5. Use Text Messages to Build Communication

Technology can also get rid of common barriers between schools and parents. Many young parents become intimidated by formal conferences or can't get time off work to attend. Many teachers have found that texting parents have made communicating with them much easier. Simple and frequent texts to parents to explain students' progress, school activities & events can be far more powerful than a traditional progress report.

build communication

6. Let Parents Help Design Your Communication Tactics

In the first weeks of school, some teachers engage with parents via email and online surveys to figure out the best way to communicate and give parents advice on how they can be involved with their students' learning. Now technology made it easier to track the live performance of your children with MySchoolr app.

7. Use Data reports to Show Student Progress

Parents like to know what's going on in the classrooms, events & activities. Teachers can now use data tools on MySchoolr to show parents where their students excel and where they need improvement. Using MySchoolr data tools, teachers can get this information to parents much faster, as opposed to waiting until the end of the quarter when it's often too late.

8. Make Information Easy to Access With the Cloud-based applications.

With the cloud-based mobile app, teachers, students, principal or chairman can remotely access schools information, govern the activities, track student progress, add an emergency notice, give homework to students, get exam schedule and much more. All your organization information becomes accessible to your fingertips. And as more millennials become parents they will expect school districts to use technology to communicate with them and their students. While districts need to adjust, it's not an insurmountable challenge because many of these technologies are in use already. Think of this list as a great way to get organized.