10 ways to learn new language from your home.

new language
Vishal Bhojane
Jan 19, 2019

Why do I need to learn foreign language? Well, world is taking fast-pace and unfortunately competition becomes part of our daily lives. How will you differentiate yourself from others? Your friend has the same skills you have, he goes to the same institute you go, same education he has, How? You have to develop some special advantages like learning new skills, learning the art of public speaking or being multilingual etc. Learning foreign language opens up doors for you, either you meeting a strangers and helping them with directions in their mother tongue or your CV represents you are multilingual, possibilities are limitless. If you have smartphone and internet access you can master foreign language. Check out how and what you can achieve by learning to speak foreign language.


  • Meet new peoples, make new friends beyond oceans know their cultures.
  • Expands your career opportunities overseas, get you dream job in your favorite country easily.
  • Must for traveler - Even a bit of words attracts locals, helps you with negotiations.
  • Get smarter - Study have shown results that the person who is multilingual have developed brain structure than normal one.
  • Being multilingual boost your creativity and self-confidence.
  • Polyglots have better decision making capabilities. And So On.

1. Set target language, Choose learning method

set target

The best article I found on internet 10 most spoken languages in world (https://www.babbel.com/en/magazine/the-10-most-spoken-languages-in-the-world) choose one as per your interest and need. When you pick any of these language your next turn is to choose learning method, be cautious. The learning methods ranging from visual, audio and In-written books.

2. Grow vocabulary by using language learning apps


Language learning app is great resource for increasing your vocabulary. To learn any language, you need Vocabulary, Connecting words and Grammar. There are several app out there on App store, out of which Memrise and Duolingo we have experienced.

3. Watch TV shows, Movies, Music, YouTube Videos in target language

visual video

Learn new language like a kid, they learn by themselves by Watching, repeating your actions etc. The internet brings us together and along with it brings different cultures, languages & beliefs closer to us than never before. Watch TV shows, famous movies (with subtitle or audio track), listen to target language music, Watch YouTube videos with subtitles.

4. Learn Cooking in Target Language


Learn while flourishing your favorite hobby cooking. Try to make foreign dishes make list for required ingredients in target language, recall it. Watch recipe in target language, follow procedure, govern words and their patterns.

5. Join Learning communities on social media and engage on Skype Call

You are already using social media tool to express your ideas, share your precious moments, why not to use for learning purpose. Many platforms consisted of groups that shares the same enthusiasm that you have. Join social groups, opt-in for Facebook pages and land yourself in the world of co-operative learning. When you make friends online that shares the same passion invite them to make a skype call.

6. Change your surrounding with target language

Surround yourself with quotes, fundamental words, poets, music, movies, YouTube videos, podcast, social media that you can spend more time with your goal. Listen to audiobooks while driving, watch movies with subtitles, watch books written in target language, the more you spend time with and more you take your goal seriously, the easy it becomes to adapt new language

7. Meet up with native speakers


Sometimes you go outside meet peoples that natively speaks your target language, invite them for coffee or dinner, make conversation last longer. When you travel to the country where your target language is mother tongue over there, try to only speak in target language.

8. Govern grammar patterns

When you build up good vocabulary, able to speak casual phrases try to govern patterns behind vocabulary, connecting words and grammar. The more you spend time in governing patterns and rules the more you become good at it.

9. Practice and if possible make associate

Practice makes man perfect, everyone knows this proverb. Our brain is good at forgetting less used information, if you want to grasp and stick knowledge you persuade then do more practice. Ensure to have fun while learning and bring your loved ones to this goal.

10. Note to remember

  • It's easy, you already did it actually sitting at home. Did you learn your mother tongue at home?
  • Arouse burning desire of learning foreign language in your mind.
  • Set Definite goal i.e. before starting set end-line. E.g. 3 months, 4 months etc. Break down your goals into tiny measurable sub-goals.
  • Assign time in your schedule, Stick to your daily habit.
  • If possible, bring your friends or family members into this learning process, you will enjoy while learning. At least bring your dog into this process.
  • Never delay or quit

" Start taking action now, who knows what future hold for you. "