10 Benefits of using School ERP Software

Vishal Bhojane
April 10, 2019

The world of education witnessed striking growth in this decade, as the world is getting more familiar with technology more educational resources becoming available to student and teachers to make their life simpler.

Before going deeper lets clear the term "ERP Software", So what is ERP Software?

ERP Software: According to MySchoolr FAQ (https://www.myschoolr.com/faq.html)

"ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). ERP is a business software that automate organization back office processes related to technology, services and human Resource data."

The primary goal of implementing School ERP software is to automate organizations paper work by digitising school data. Also involve every individual entity: like Teachers, Principals, non-teaching staff etc. as well as improve parents-teacher collaboration.

School ERP software intended to provide a set of emphasized features that enables school administration to function on pace by nurturing collaborative environment. Also improves institutes branding and visibility. The benefits of using school ERP are limitless, take look at top 10 benefits:

1. Best Campus solutions and time saver


If you are running education organization consist of schools and colleges, you and your co-workers might have suffered with managing daily tasks that take up lots of time, and your co-workers ended up spending less time teaching students.

  • Suppose teacher have to write homework into every students notebook.
  • Teacher have to create muster for students attendance, write every students name and mark them Present or Absent take so much time every day.
  • Sharing events or notices to every parents.
  • Sharing student progress with parents.
  • Handling monthly student, teachers and other staff leaves and so much more. Here ERP comes in the picture to solve these problems.

2. Save paper and reduce administrations workloads


As we earlier mentioned, primary goal of School ERP software is to digitise the data of nearly every individual working with organization. ERP software can handle fluently user onboarding task such as student admission, teacher onboarding process also all fee related tasks, library management and so on, which indirectly minimises staffs efforts.

3. Complete automation


A true ERP software tries to automate all processes like student, teacher onboarding, attendance, exams and result management, fees handling, student progress analysis etc. and focus on minimise the effort of adding data into software. The ERP also provides the well informed statistics that shall help organization to take better decision's by analysing data sources.

4. Increase productivity

School ERP software manage and automate your daily task and saves bunch of time and efforts results increase in productivity. Also staff can now work on their intended task instead of on paper work.

5. Effective Use of technology

The true School ERP software works on cloud to give users maximum availability, pace to grow collaboration, the feeling of data security and API integrations like payment gateway services to accept student fees online in any currency.

6. Improves student-teacher-parents collaboration


According to MySchoolr survey of 300+ institutes , the institutes with education ERP software rates higher degree of collaboration in between student, teacher and parents as compare to the institute with manual working. Also institute with school ERP software, teachers and staff feels tremendous growth in their productivity.

7. Collaboration beyond School

beyond school

A cloud based ERP solution for school administration and smartphone app cultivates new working environment beyond expectation and far from traditional classrooms. Also mobile apps gives native experience to school staff and helps them in emergency situation to inform parents and students.

8. Connect with your schools from anywhere

With native mobile app, teachers, students, principal or chairman can remotely access schools information, govern the activities, track student progress, add emergency notice, give homework to students, get exam schedule and much more. All your organization information becomes accessible to your fingertips.

9. Handle multiple branches and departments


With Multi-level ERP solution like MySchoolr, handling multiple branches located at different location becomes accessible and principal can track and analyse department and class wise activities ranging from student and staff attendance, student progress, school fee collection, library situation and much more from single mobile application.

10. Role based access


With multilevel data access hierarchy, organizations data remains secure. With flexible access to organizations data to different roles according to their responsibilities chairperson can limit further consequences. The roles could be as Principal, cashier, clerk, owner etc. and they will get access to features of data accordingly.

We believe quality education is for everyone and there should not be barrier of money, belief or language. The way we challenge the status quo is by making better educational resources that are easy to use, beautifully crafted and impactful. And we happens to help in making great education system.

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